The Elemental AllianceEdit

The Elemental Alliance was the single most powerful clan/alliance ever to be in Wizard101.

It was originally called: Elemental Clan, This "Clan" was made by Blaze FireFlame(most influentional wizard ever) Ryan Bearcaster, Sophie(I think) treeblossom.

These three wizards started a clan out of pure fucking boredness, not knowing how mighty they would become.

There is not much to say about the elemental alliance since it's legacy still roams around wizard101.

Clans such as:

Society Of The Dark Skull




Shadow Saints

Spiral Warriors

Are all decendants of elemental alliance

The peak power of elemental alliance was 167 clans with 7836 members combined.

After blaze was banned from W101 for giving away his spare account, The elemental alliance quickly went down hill, now that the superior master power was gone the small clans took their chance and overthrew the once mighty alliance, held together by extreme skill loyalty brains.. blaze, and fear!

Blaze FireFlame is and will always be, the strongest wizard ever to have played the game, both in PVP as in leading!!!