Icicle clan is a clan led by a level 32 ice named Connor DragonDust. Icicle Clan is the clan that is considered the saviors of Wizard101. They do not hack, they glitch. It originally started in ToonTown Online Beta 1 still led by Connor DragonDust. Sadly, Connor DragonDust is muted but sometimes he does the unmute glitch. He has an injector but only uses it in dire need. He knows every single Wizard101 and ToonTown glitches and is a master at all of them. Icicle Clan is the brand new enemy clan against Team-Foe. Connor DragonDust is usually seen in The Commons Realm Ambrose Area 1. He has the Ice Castle and has a black tuxedo with an adult Ice Salamander named Boomer. Connor also usually has the Witchdoctor Staff equipped. His YouTube channel was Connor DragonDust but then was changed to ToonTown Con. But if you look up Connor DragonDust up on YouTube, the first thing that pops up will be his hit Playlist called Must Watch Videos. They are all entertaining.