R.A.R.E is another Wizard101 hacking organization. It is led by a Storm wizard named Connor Storm. Many consider him to simply as "The Cluer" because he usually uses clues against people. While, of course he is Storm, in which represents underwater and stormy weather. Such as The Sunken Palace, Celestia, Crab Alley, and/or The Storm School Tower. We are not currently sure which Realm their hideout is on. The Cluer is very unstable and dangerous, I do not even recommend simply interacting with him. R.A.R.E's hideout is not yet leaked, although it will be soon. We have The WCPD members scattered all throughout WizardCity, and will be watching out for any suspicious person they see. R.A.R.E has been around since 2010 of Wizard101. Soon after it's creation, it quickly fell apart. It was still led by The Cluer back then. Recently, The Cluer has turned The Storm Order back into R.A.R.E. Also, The Cluer currently is level 10. His secondary School Of Magic is Death. He wears a green and black suit, dark blue and black boots, and he also has spiky blue hair. He also has a trident that is a tall Storm trident. He has green eyes and his hair color is blue, and it is also spiky. His chat status is currently Open-Chat, and he is mainly seen at The Shopping District on Realm Wu. If not that, then Celestia on Realm Stormzilla. The Cluer has recently teamed up with more notorious hackers named "The Bandit" and "The Doodler". The Cluer is mainly iconic for his appearance and for what he has accomplished with his hacking skills.