There are rumors of Wizard101's first ever hacking organization has returned, along with their leader. The hacking organization is called Team-Electro. The leader of Team-Electro a Storm wizard named Connor Stormcloud. Connor Stormcloud is the first ever Wizard101 hacker of all time. I did my research on him, and I now have PROOF that he truly is back. Currently, I do not have any proof of Team-Electro being back, quite yet. Connor Stormcloud even once threatened to "End Wizard101". He is still extremely dangerous. He is Wizard101's biggest threat ever since the beginning of Wizard101. But with Toontown, he isn't really such a threat. Although, he is still notorious for his iconic and unique hacking technique. Team-Electro's extra hideout has been recently leaked by a former "The Mythix" member seeing Connor Stormcloud at a hidden area at someone's Storm House on Castle Tours. When the The Mythix member went up to him, Connor Stormcloud once threatened to flood The Shopping District with extreme lag. So much lag that it freezes the entire Realm. He never ended up doing so, but he certainly is capable of it. Team-Electro's other 3 hideouts are located on Triton Avenue, Crab Alley, and Celestia.