Team-Foe is the first ever Wizard101 hacking organization. Team-Foe is led by a Death wizard named Cody Foe. He is currently level 5. Team-Foe has been around since 2005, and still begins to be a notorious hacking group on many games. They have quit Toontown and are now mainly focusing on hacking Wizard101. Their plan is to end the games they hack. They try to hack as much people as they can so the games they hack would get less populated and die out. The reasoning why they hack the games they choose is unknown. Cody Foe is extremely dangerous. He is possibly the most dangerous and experienced hacker in Wizard101 history! He wears a black and red hood, blue cop uniform, and dark orange boots. He also has a Death staff called "Staff Of The Graveyard". Cody Foe's secondary School Of Magic is Balance. He is mainly seen at The Haunted Cave on Realm Wraith. Team-Foe is enemies with Team Friend and Cody Foe is enemies with Brooke Friend. Ever since the beginning of both groups, they have had a rivalry. Team Friend protects the games while Team-Foe destructs them.

NOTE : Please know that the guy named Flint Foe from Realm Wu in Shopping District has no affiliation with Team-Foe. He never has. He's just some guy with the last name Foe. Could be a coincidence or he could be a Team-Foe fanboy. This mystery remains unknown. If you see him, ignore him. He's not dangerous and can't even do any hacking. Thank you for your time.

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