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After a 4v4 victory with the brotherhood's strongest team .Kenneth,Isabella,Devin and Alex

Wizard101 Run And Dance Glitch

Wizard101 Run And Dance Glitch

Featuring clan members


The BrotherhoodEdit

Wizard101 3v3 with the brotherhood

Wizard101 3v3 with the brotherhood

The Brotherhood in a 3v3 match.

Brotherhood (BH) dates back to early 2013. The founders are unknown.

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Some Members of The Heart Nation.

Additional info of the BH.Edit


  • The Violet Rose Legion
  • The Fallen Crusaders


  • The Heart Nation
  • The Sisterhood (Umbra)
  • The Titans
  • RBK

The clan consits of up to 12 members (approximetly) and are most likely the second strongest and successful clan (in the UK server) after the hearts.

Brotherhood's Council members (end of 2013):

  • Justin Ironwalker
  • Devin Iceflame
  • Kenneth Lionfist
  • Alex Thunder
  • Isabella Day
It started as just a brotherly love but members have adapted to be highly strong in their battle techniques and together are extremely
  • Alex Dragonrider (Clan member)
  • Devin Iceflame (Clan Member)
  • Justin Ironwalker (Clan member)
  • Aaron Skycrafter
  • Alex Thunder (Clan member)
  • Blake (Clan Member)
  • Logan Dragonheart (Clan member)
  • Justin Ironwalker
  • Isabella defeats Alex Thunder in the trials.

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Isabella Day defeats senior member Alex Thunder in the trials.

The start of something new

Isabella Day had successfully joined the BH in November 24th, 2013. She was the first female member to have taken and pass the trials  for the clan.

After defeating senior member, Alex Thunder, Both Kenneth Lionfist and Alex Frostspear had voted yes for her to join the clan.

A reborn clanEdit

Council members Alex Thunder and Isabella Day left the brotherhood and from then on the clan could no longer be a pvp focused organisation compared to The Heart Nation. The clan now focuses on just aiding each other as brothers should do and also pvping at times. 

2014 Renaissance Edit

On janurary 4th 2014, the clan decided that in order to be recongnised by other members, they would have a pet name that was the same throughout the clan and that name was to be 'Bo' short for 'Bro'.

Wizard101 Bee Dance (featuring the brotherhood clan)

Wizard101 Bee Dance (featuring the brotherhood clan)

some members of what is left of the clan towards the end (December 2013)

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