The Thunder Squad is led by a level 10 storm wizard named Connor (just Connor). He has a pet Storm Beast Pet in which is ranked Teen. The Thunder Squad is a pvp clan. Sometimes they glitch. They do not hack or do bad stuff. They are a clan in both Wizard101 and ToonTown Rewritten Open Beta (currently). Connor has green eyes and a black and yellow tunic, master hood, and master boots along with a very rare Storm Spear from The Crown Shop's Packs. Connor also solos bosses. Sometimes duo. He currently has membership. He is usually found in the realm Wu, sometimes found in realm Ambrose. Connor's Pet's name is Max. The Thunder Squad has been around in Wizard101 since 2005. It ended during 2010. Connor brought it back during 2014. The Thunder Squad Hideout is in Crab Alley inside of the boss's tower in realm Imp area 1.