Triton Clan is led by a Level 13 Storm Wizard covered in purple and red Mooshu robe, purple and red Mooshu hood, and purple and red Celestian boots along with a Dragonspyre Staff. The badge he has equipped is "WizardCity Protector". He has green eyes and has awesome gear. He also has Open Chat and has Membership. He is very rich in gold but broke in crowns. He stitched his gear 5 years ago. The Triton Clan's hideout is in Dark Cave but if it's crowded for some reason, they have their hideout in Celestia's The Grotto. In realm Wu, that is. This Storm Wizard's name is Connor. He has finished WizardCity and is now working on Krokatopia. His pet is a Teen Spark Beast named Boomer. The mount Connor usually has equipped is Arcus Cloud. He only uses his mount when in dire need.

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